Meal Prep Choices For The Busy Mom, By Brittany Piernik

Meal Prep Choices For The Busy Mom, By Brittany Piernik

Meal prep companies are taking over every mom’s kitchen. This is such an easy way to have a dinner ready for the entire family after a crazy day at work. I am a big meal prep fan because who does not love a meal delivery service that comes to your door and lets you have free time to do other chores around the house? I am going to go over five different meal delivery companies that I have tried and the pros and cons that go with each.

Home Chef, this company allows you to pick your favorite recipes and build whatever dinner you want and they bring the ingredients to your doorstep. The catch? It is a little costly and you have to actually make the meals yourself, which as a busy mom, takes too much time for me. Not to mention that delivery days can be limiting depending where you live. The company is not bad, but with my busy lifestyle, it is not for me.

Hello Fresh, this was a big hit, and a lot of people started using this. It was one of those fads that came as quick as it left. The recipe cards are worthy of note because it really lays out each step how to create your meal. The meals again take too long and too many steps. The bad thing about this meal delivery service is that the food they send does not last long. The food you receive will go bad within a week of getting it. Then the next box comes with your ingredients, and you have two boxes of food to cook quickly before your money is wasted and trash. I do not know about you but I really dislike seeing food go to waste after paying so much to get it to begin with!

Blue Apron, Ah, the company that took over television with their fancy commercials and ads for their food subscription service. I thought it would be fun to try out and see what everyone was talking about. Another meal delivery company that sends you the ingredients for the meals you want to eat. Not only do you have to cook with their ingredients but they also sign you up on a weekly subscription so every week your card is being charged unless you remember to cancel. The meal delivery service comes weekly but not something I can keep up with on my own time. With screaming kids in the background wanting to play, Blue Apron does not do the trick for this busy mom!

Freshly, unfortunately, this company does not accompany first-time users that want to just try the product. In order to join this meal delivery service, you have to sign up for a meal kit plan with them, and they are not cheap. The cool thing is that they do cater to those who cannot have gluten, shellfish, or any kind of nut. In addition, if you wanted to try out Freshly and you buy the cheapest subscription you have to think carefully because you cannot cancel your plan when it is in the middle of getting ready for delivery. You have to go within their timeframes that they allow you to make changes or cancelations.

What a Crock, so far I have to say this is the best and easiest meal delivery service for my family. Having meal prep all ready and shipped to you frozen is the easiest way for me to manage my busy lifestyle. With work, family, sports, and extracurricular activities, it is so much easier to get a meal kit delivered and throw it in a crock pot or slow cooker and go. This way I can order what I want, it is premade, and I do not have to take the time to physically make it. They really offer so many different choices to fit all my families’ needs. If you have children, you are probably a victim of the “but I don’t like that anymore or I don’t want that” attitude from your toddlers and teens. What a Crock allows you to go on their website and look at their large menu and choose what exactly you are craving. Their chicken parmesan meatballs do not take long to heat in the slow cooker and they are delicious! Stuffed with fresh mozzarella and served with gravy and penne pasta. The only on con that I can think of is that there is so much to choose from on their menu and I want to try it all.

All meal delivery companies differ and depending on the person, it varies what you are looking for. For me, as a busy mom and wife, I personally like just having something frozen precooked delivered to my door. If it only takes a minute to open a bag and empty the food into a crock pot to cook itself you can count me in with What a Crock!

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