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Fundraising made easy

Looking for an effective, ongoing fundraiser to help you grow your giving, without having to dedicate your entire life to forms, collecting payments, and reminding your supporters about your fundraisers?

What a Crock Fundraising is an ongoing revenue stream for your group and provides delicious, home-cooked meals delivered right to your supporters.

Fundraising coordinators rave about the ease of running a What a Crock fundraiser. Some benefits of our fundraisers include:

  • Delicious, chef-crafted menu with new meals every month
  • We ship directly to your supporters
  • Base profit of 20% on all items purchased. Bonus items at 30%
  • No registration, startup, or ongoing fees ever
  • You spread the word about our website and encourage supporters to sign up
  • We handle all promotions after your supporters sign up
  • 24/7 access to our profit portal for order and earnings tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

To get started, you can either request more information and speak to one of our representatives, or you can register right away. To do so, click one of the buttons above or below.

What kind of profit will my group earn?

Your group earns 20% of the total value of any product ordered, plus any direct donations your supporters give through our site.

On occasion, we run promotions where a certain category of product earns your group 30% profit rather than 20%.

How long do fundraisers last?

Our fundraisers are ongoing, meaning they can run indefinitely or for a duration of your choice. Many groups opt to run an indefinite fundraiser throughout the fundraising season.

Can I track my fundraiser's progress?

Yes. Upon registration, you will be provided with access to a portal where you can track orders, profit, and more.

How are orders shipped?

Every order is shipped frozen with dry ice and insulation directly to the purchaser's doorstep - this means no more setting up pickup dates and managing inventory on your end.

How do I promote my fundraiser?

Once you register, we'll provide you with marketing materials to help streamline your kick-off process.

As members of your group visit the site and sign up, we promote our meals (and your fundraiser) to them via email.

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