How It Works

  • Fundraising made easy

    What a Crock makes dinner and giving easy. No forms to complete checks to write, or inconvenient pick up dates. Simply select the group you are supporting, choose your meals, and we will ship your dinners directly to you! No subscriptions, buy whenever you want, and whatever you want.

  • Delicious, hassle-free dinners

    Here at What a Crock, we cook and ship seasonal, chef-crafted meals that make dinner easy and nutritious. Portions are based on appetite, so they are perfect for singles, couples or the whole family. Many meals come with rice or pasta to make a complete dinner.

  • Safe, speedy shipping

    All of our meals are shipped to you frozen. We pack every order with dry ice and insulation to ensure a safe and seamless delivery right to your doorstep. Discounted shipping starts at $60 and free shipping starts at $99.

  • Giving back to a great cause

    We take the guesswork out of raising money for your cause. 20% of the value of every product you order from us goes directly to your fundraiser. If you want to give more, direct donations are available.

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Sign up and choose your group

In order to ensure your group receives credit for an order, you'll need to create an account. Just let us know who you are and what group you want to support, and you'll be ready to order!

Create an account


Choose your meals

Once you're logged into an account, you can view our menu of 50+ homemade meals, desserts, soups, sides, and more and choose what you'd like to order. 20% of the value of every product ordered goes directly to your group.

View our menu


Complete your order

When you're happy with the meals you've added to your cart, go ahead and complete your order. You can see exactly how much your group will receive in your shopping cart. You can add a cash donation for your group at checkout if you'd like.


We ship your meals & your group gets paid

As soon as your order is placed, our team will get your package ready for shipment and your group will be notified of a new order benefitting their fundraiser. All that's left is for you to receive your meals and enjoy the easy dinners!

Ready to get started?

If you are already signed up, be sure to login before placing an order to ensure your group receives credit.