This Black Friday Give The Gift of What a Crock Meal Delivery Service

This Black Friday Give The Gift of What a Crock Meal Delivery Service

The holidays are here, and while we all love the joy this time of year brings, there's no escaping the chaos that comes along with gift-giving for all of your loved ones. Or, is there?

If you're someone who hates shopping in busy malls during the holiday season, or never know what to get the person who has everything - you may be looking for a way to make gift-giving a bit easier.

Well, what if there was a way you could give the gift of a week of delectable, prepared meals - without even turning on your oven or heading to the grocery store? Sound too good to be true?

We're here to tell you that there is a way to do just that, even if you hate cooking - and it's called the What a Crock Meal Delivery Bundles.

What a Crock Bundles Makes Gift-Giving Easy

Food delivery bundles from What a Crock make the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and every other special occasion - and offers an easy way to gift the foodie in your life with a delicious meal for five days of the week.

Our weekly bundles are available in thirteen different varieties, including a gluten-free option - so there's a What a Crock bundle for everyone, no matter their favorite cuisine.

And, the best part is, we can ship the meals to your recipient for you! Or, if you would rather hand deliver the bundle and are located nearby one of our four retail locations, you can stop in and pick it up. It's completely up to you to decide!

What a Crock Gourmet Meals

All of our crockpot meals are chef crafted, meaning that we only provide made-from-scratch meals with fresh ingredients and no added preservatives.

At What a Crock, we are a family-owned business, which means we understand the importance of wholesome home-cooked meals that are made with real natural ingredients.

That's why we're dedicated to crafting delicious meals for families that can be cooked right in your crockpot with little preparation time. This way, you can spend more time with your family, and less time stressing over a weeknight dinner - all without sacrificing a home-cooked meal.

How What a Crock Works

What a Crock Meals to Go makes it easy to enjoy a home-cooked meal without all the stress of shopping, chopping, seasoning, and cooking.

All of our meals are cooked fresh, using only the finest ingredients and seasoning, and then immediately frozen to ensure top quality gourmet food.

Once you receive your meals through delivery or at one of our retail locations, simply store them in your freezer until ready to use.

Then, when you are ready to cook one of your meals, all you have to do is open the bag and pour the contents of the meal into your slow cooker.

After that, all you have to do is set your slow cooker on low, and follow the cook time on your instruction card. 


Once the cook time is finished, all that's left is for you and your family is to enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal.


Yep, with What a Crock, it's that easy.


What a Crock Meals Cook Time

With our What a Crock meals, there's no guesswork involved. There's an instruction card on each meal bag, so you know exactly how much cook time is required so you can have a scrumptious dinner at the end of your hectic day.

Typically, any chicken or vegetarian meal should cook for 4-6 hours, any pork meal should cook for 6-8 hours, and any beef meal should cook for 8-12 hours. All meals should be cooked on the low setting, and you can always call us if you have any questions.

What a Crock Bundle Portions

Our weekly meals are sold by the portion - meaning we can supply a bundle for one person, or even a family of six. Not sure how many portions your gift recipient will need? We've got you covered.

From two adults with light appetites to a family of four with two big eaters, we can help you decide the portions your recipient will need.

What a Crock Bundle Delivery

At What a Crock, we handle your meals with the utmost care and put as much thought into delivering them as we do with meal preparation.

All What a Crock meals are shipped in a Styrofoam cooler with dry ice to ensure that everything stays frozen for about 12 hours after delivery. That way, you don't have to worry about your gift arriving with any problems.

Located in the Brookhaven, Chestnut Hill, Garnet Valley, or Quakertown areas? You can always stop in and pick up your meal bundle, instead.


What a Crock Makes a Unique Gift

Of course, there's nothing wrong with traditional gift-giving and the classic experience of shopping around for that perfect present for all of your loved ones.

But, if you're looking to give something a bit more personal and out-of-the-box this year, look no further.

The What a Crock meal bundles make the perfect unique holiday gift, and you can order it on our website right from the comfort of your home.

It doesn't get any easier than that!

What a Crock Gift Cards

Maybe you're worried that you're not 100% sure which meals your loved one would enjoy the most. We completely understand! That's why we also offer What a Crock gift cards so that your recipient can select their meals on their own.

What a Crock gift cards can easily be purchased on our website, and are offered in amounts from $10 up to $250. Just select a gift card amount, add it to your cart, and check out - it's that simple.

Order Your What a Crock Gift Today

Ordering a What a Crock meal bundle for a loved one for the holidays is a great way to show you care, without the hassle of shopping and gift wrapping accompanied by traditional presents.

If you're in the area - feel free to stop by one of our three Pennsylvania locations. We have retail stores in Brookhaven, Chestnut Hill, and Garnet Valley that keep most of our menu items in stock, so you can take a look at the meal selections or even pick up your bundle.

Ready to order a What a Crock meal bundle right now for the crockpot meal enthusiast in your life? Check out our available bundles on our website and have it shipped to your loved one, hassle-free.

With What a Crock Meals to Go there's no work, no mess - just eat. Order your meal bundle today!

Want to learn more about the What a Crock Meals to Go story? You can read all about how Brie and Justin started the company here, and be sure to check out news articles featuring the What a Crock brand.

Happy holidays!

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