Veg Out! Tricks To Add More Vegetables to Your Diet

Veg Out! Tricks To Add More Vegetables to Your Diet

Are you still holding on to that New Years Resolution to eat healthier? Good for you! 

Are you a mom fighting the age-old battle of getting your kids to eat something just once before they turn 18? Solidarity mama!

You've decided it's time to add more vegetables to your diet. Whatever your reasoning, it's never a bad idea. Most of us don't get enough veggies, and the nutrients and fiber they provide are integral to our health. These ten tricks will help you amp up those veggie servings with minimal effort. Use the services that make it easier and incorporate any prep into your weekly meal prep to make the transition easier. You look healthier already!

  1. Dip it. - It sounds simple, but let's face it, everything tastes better with a yummy dip to go along with it! Cut up some raw veggies like carrots, celery, summer squash, baby tomatoes, mushrooms, whatever you like, and pair with a refreshing yummy dip. Ranch, tzatziki, and hummus are popular choices. 
  2. Use Misfits Market. - Misfits Market sends you imperfect (and therefore inexpensive!) produce at select intervals. It's a great way to try some produce you may not ordinarily pick out at the store. Plus, with that produce coming straight to your house, you feel a responsibility to eat it and not let it go to waste. 
  3. Blend them in sauce. - a good spaghetti sauce with a tomato base can hide plenty of vegetables. Cook any combination of veggies you like, let them cool, blend them well and mix them into the sauce. Play around with your textures and flavors to find the perfect combination for you. It's an easy way to fool and the best veggie detectives! Protip: Let this sauce simmer all day in your slow cooker to enhance the flavor and save time!
  4. Two words: Veggie pasta. - Need a pasta to go with the sauce we mentioned in number 3? There are many kinds of pasta on the market now that boast a full serving of veggies. This alternative is an excellent way to cut down on the processed white pasta and sneak in an extra helping of vegetables.
  5. What A Crock - Did you know that What A Crock Meals To Go has a Veg Out bundle? You get five full vegetarian dinners and soup! What A Crock Meals to Go offers multiple meal service options. You choose how many meals you need and how many people you want to serve, and you receive those meals, fully prepared and frozen. There are plenty of meal kits out there, but those still take time and prep work. With What a Crock, you place a meal in your slow cooker in the morning, and you'll have a delicious dinner by evening, talk about an easy dinner! This meal-delivery company has got you covered for hearty meals AND your veggie needs.
  6. Add it to your morning Smoothies. - Avocado, frozen spinach, and frozen carrots are easy veggies to add to any smoothie. When they're frozen and blended in well with some fruit and yogurt, you can't even tell they're there!
  7. Mix them up with eggs. - The thing with eggs is you can hide the veggies or let them hang out in the open, and the eggs help them seem like they belong there. Whether you puree cauliflower into fluffy scrambled eggs or create a veggilicious quiche, it's sure to be delicious!
  8. Try this butternut squash and cheese combo. - Try pureeing butternut squash and mix it with grated cheese. Add this unique combination to any grilled cheese or quesadilla to add a blast of veggies to your family's favorite comfort foods.
  9. Pizza night! - Pizza is full of possibilities for sneaking in those veggies. You can use cauliflower crust, your veggie sauce from #3, or the butternut squash and cheese combo from #8. Not to mention the usual, beloved veggie toppings that are frequent additions on your typical pizza night.
  10. Soups, stews, and chili, oh my! - You can take any soup, stew, or chili that you love and beef it up with veggies. Whether you start your own from scratch or use one of What A Crocks varieties as a base, a handful of spinach, a can of tomatoes, or a bag of frozen peas are just a few examples of easy add ons that get you an easy extra serving of vegetables.

Whichever tricks you use, we hope you savor and enjoy the flavors that veggies can offer. While it can sometimes feel tough to get in enough vegetables, when you get into the habit, it becomes easier. Here's to healthy eating!

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