Build your subscription Box

You Have the Control!

Our subscription boxes start with 6 portion and work their way up to 30 portion. You can customize how many meals you receive and how often you receive them. We offer over 30 delicious meals, soups, dips, and side to choose from.


Select the number

of portions you would

like to receive.

1 Person should order 1 portion of each meal.

2-3 People should order 2 portions of each meal.

4-6 People should order 4 portions of each meal.



Select how often you would like to receive your meals


Have your meals delivered as often or a little as you would like.

Choose From Weekly, Monthly, or Even Bi-Monthly




Select your meals


 Keep in mind you are ordering by the portion, 1 portion weighs about 1.5 pounds and is enough for one large appetite or 2 light eaters. 



Select your meals

Keep in mind you are ordering by the portion 1 portion weighs about a 1.5 lbs a single portion is enough for one large appitite or 2 light eaters.