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Beef & Pork

Using premium beef and pork we lightly brown our meets.


All of our chicken entrees are made with pan seared white chicken breast.

Vegetarian & Vegan

Using fresh veggies and spices these dishes are all but ordinary.

Soup & Sides

Our soups and side were designed to pair perfectly with our entrees!


Its not a party with out a What a Crock dip! Cook then in the slow cooker or in a boiling bag and prepare yourself for something amazing!


Our Desserts are not only delicious but unique! A dessert in a Crock Pot!?

No Gluten

These dishes are made with no ingredients containing gluten. Disclaimer: All of our dishes are prepared in the same facility leaving a small possibility of cross contamination You  


Save by selecting a weekly bundle! Each bundle comes with 5 dinners and a appetizer - enough for 5 days of the week.